Private lessons

I offer private lessons in begining to advanced classical piano, jazz piano, gospel piano, theory, arranging, composition, and song writing. Rates are discussed per individual and are based on the length of lesson (1/2 hour or full hour) and what you desire to cover in your lessons. If you are interested in taking lessons please contact me and we can talk about setting up a trial lesson for you. Trial lessons are $30 and last for 30 minutes.

Getting started

There are several basic things to consider if you are thinking about getting started or starting your child in taking piano lessons.

1.Taking piano lessons is an investment: (Immediate succes is rare, but with consistent practice you will progress faster over a shorter period of time.)
2.You have to practice: (Be patient, you are learning new skills which you must spend time on in order to master before you can move on to other skills. Establish a practice schedule that you can stick to.)
3. You must own an instrument: (You don't have to have an acoustic piano or expensive keyboard, until you are at the stage where you are commited to becoming an advanced to professional level musician. There lots of inexpensive keyboards available that you won't feel bad about having purchased if you decide not to continue with lessons.)
3.Young children (6-8yrs) must be able to sit and concentrate/pay attention for at least 20min: (Parents, you know your child. If he/she has attention issues you may want to wait until they are a little older before you start them in music lessons.)
4. Have Fun: (Music is meant to be enjoyed. Unlocking your potential to create is a wonderful expierence and the journey of learning how to do that is even more rewarding.)